Add efficient C++ classes to any Windows application.

Some uses of the PowerTCP C++ Professional Toolkit include:

  • Create an HTTP Client or Server.
  • Extract web page content, parse for information, and insert into an application or database.
  • Add FTP or TFTP ability to any application, or create an FTP or TFTP client.
  • Special-purpose Mail Client applications.
  • Notification applications using email.
  • Bulk mailer applications.
  • Check web server availability and performance.
  • Create an SNMP agent/manager to manage PC peripherals or devices.
  • Manage Telnet, rshell, rexec and rlogin connections.
  • Perform any communication task using TCP or UDP.
  • Add WHOIS functionality to any application.
  • Send commands to a time server.
  • Add FINGER functionality to any application.