Use controls to create, send, retrieve, preview and edit Internet email messages.


  • 11 Controls/Objects.
  • 31 Full Sample projects.
  • 4 ASP/ASP.NET Samples.
  • Debug Server for debugging and protocol testing.
  • Full MS Help 1.3 Documentation, including examples.
  • Free Introductory Support.
Component Description
SMTP Control Sends mail to any SMTP server.
POP Control Retrieves mail from any POP3 server.
IMAP Control Retrieves mail from or stores mail to any IMAP4 server.
DartStream Object Manages a streamed buffer to/from memory or a file.
HeaderFields Object Manages message header fields.
Mailbox Object Transforms an IMAP mailbox on a server into a local object that you can easily manipulate.
Mailboxes Object Collection of Mailbox Objects.
Message Object Transforms any Internet mail message into an object that you can easily manipulate within your program. Also provides stand-alone MIME encoding and decoding.
Messages Object Collection of Message Objects.
Part Object Performs complex manipulation of message parts.
PartList Object Collection of all Part Objects in the message.