Send, receive, edit, sign/verify and encrypt/decrypt email messages in any .NET application or service. 

Controls, Components and Classes

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Class Description
Imap Bitmap Imap Component Uses IMAP4 to remotely manage and download email
Pop Bitmap Pop Component Uses POP3 to download email
Smtp Bitmap Smtp Component Uses SMTP to upload email
MessageEditor Control MessageEditor Control Visual editor used to view/edit a MailMessage
MessageEditor Control MailMessage Class Represents a MIME or S/MIME email message
HeaderDictionary Class Dictionary representing header lines (header labels are the lookup keys)
Part, Multipart, Resource, Textpart, Htmlpart, Attachment Classes MailMessage supporting classes model any MIME or S/MIME email message
MultipartContent Class Provides nested access to multipart MIME entities
DeliveryStatusNotification Class Provides DSN configuration parameters
ImapMessage Class Represents a message on an IMAP server
ImapResponse Class Represents a response from an IMAP server
Mailbox Class Represents a mailbox on an IMAP server that contains a collection of messages and child mailboxes
MailboxCollection Class Collection containing Mailbox objects supports adding, deleting and renaming mailboxes
PopMessage Class Represents a message on a POP3 server
Proxy Class Provides an easy way to communicate with proxy servers