Add comprehensive secure file transfer capabilities to any application supporting ActiveX controls.
That the Ftp control has built-in zip and unzip capabilities?
The Ftp control can automatically zip up files and store them on the server as a zip file. Conversely, the control can automatically unzip a retrieved zip file from the server.
Code Sample:
'Store the text files in "c:\Test" as a zipped archive on the server
Ftp1.Type = ftpZip
Ftp1.Store "", "c:\Test\*.txt"

'Retrieve a zip file from the server, and 
'extract its contents to the "c:\Files" folder
Ftp1.Type = ftpZip
Ftp1.Retrieve "", "c:\Files"
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That directory listings are captured as objects so you don't have to parse the data?
The Ftp control will automatically parse standard Dos and Unix listings into ListEntry objects for easy manipulation.
Code Sample:
'Get the listing from the server
'Display each entry in the listing and its size
Dim Entry As ListEntry
For Each Entry In Ftp1.Listing
    Debug.Print Entry.Name & ": " & Entry.Size
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That multiple file transfers are supported by using a single method call?
The Ftp control includes MGet and MPut methods for wildcard storing and retrieving of files.
Code Sample:
'Get all text files off the server and save them in the "c:\Files" directory
Ftp1.MGet "*.txt", "c:\Files"

'Put all the files in the "c:\Files" directory on the server
Ftp1.MPut "c:\Files\*"
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That the certificate received from a server can be examined?
During the secure handshake, the Certificate Received event will fire, providing the user with information about the server’s certificate, as well as an opportunity to accept or reject the certificate, if desired.
Code Sample:
//The certificate received event will fire when the component receives the server's certificate
private void myObject1_CertificateReceived(object sender, CertificateReceivedEventArgs e) 
    //Examine who the certificate was issued to, and whether its date is valid
    if (e.Certificate.IssuedTo == "MyPrivateServer" && e.ValidDate == true)
        e.Accept = true;
        e.Accept = false; 
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That the CertificateStore control allows for management of certificates in the Microsoft certificate stores?
Selecting certificates installed in the Microsoft certificate stores is easy using the CertificateStore object.
Code Sample:
'Show all certificates in the CURRENT_USER/MY Store
Dim store As New CertificateStore
store.Location = locationCurrentUser
store.Name = "MY"

Dim certificate As certificate
For Each certificate In store.Certificates
    Debug.Print certificate.IssuedTo & ": " & certificate.SerialNumber
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