Add comprehensive email address validation to any .NET application or service.
Product Release History
The following is a list of public releases for all components shipped with PowerTCP Email Validation for .NET (Latest Release 2008-06-16)
PowerTCP Email Validation for .NET
Current Version:    Released: 2008-06-16
  • ASP.NET Sample update.    Released: 2008-05-14
Product fixes in this release:
  • Fixed compile problem with ASP.NET samples.    Released: 2008-05-05
Product fixes in this release:
  • Addressed problem with Validator component where initialization would fail if default DNS servers were not found on the system.    Released: 2007-03-23
  • Dart Communications is pleased to announce a new addition to the PowerTCP product line. PowerTCP Email Validation for .NET adds tailored email address validation to both traditional desktop and ASP.NET web applications. This powerful product is ideal for any distributed application where validation of an email address or list of email addresses is desired. Mailing list maintenance, sales contact verification, and web form submission are a small sample of applications for this product.