SSL authentication and encryption ensures your data stays private as it travels across the public network.

Some uses of SSL for ActiveX include:

  • Enable asynchronous secure SOAP messages currently unavailable with the MS SOAP SDK.
  • Secure credit card applications.
  • Transfer files securely using Dart's Secure FTP Client/Server combo.
  • Download email securely using Dart's Pop Control.
  • Create any Client/Server application that implements secure transactions.
  • Combined with Winsock or Server for ActiveX, create a proxy server that accepts either clear or secure TCP connections and generates secure or clear TCP connections, respectively. All PowerTCP controls are designed to work together.
  • Combined with Emulation for ActiveX, create a secure VT Terminal Emulator that connects to your internal proxy server (created by you) that uses a Telnet connection to connect to internal corporate hosts.
  • Secure document management.
  • Build e-commerce and B2B applications.
  • Build stock trading applications.