Ajax technology accesses server-side power using callbacks without reloading the browser page. Easily create Rich Internet Applications without writing JavaScript!

Some uses for LiveControls for ASP.NET include:

  • Stock Market applications represent instant news and stock changes without refreshing the page.
  • Sports-related web pages update statistics and scores without user interaction or screen flickers.
  • A slideshow application that is server driven, changing images without a refresh.
  • A polling application shows real-time poll results rather than a snapshot of results.
  • An inventory screen that reflects quantity or pricing changes without refreshing the page or long delays.
  • An auction that updates the current price and bidder without refreshing the page.
  • A shopping cart that always shows the latest prices and inventory based on what the user chooses.
  • A web application that resembles traditional Windows applications.
  • A web-based CRM that changes screens without refreshing the page or long delays.
  • A system monitor that displays constantly changing data.
  • A textbox that saves user information to the server as they type.