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Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Do samples ship with the product?
A: Absolutely. We ship complete finished apps (not just simple technology demonstrations) in both CSharp and Visual Basic .NET as both Windows Applications and Web Applications.
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Q: Does your product support streaming operation?
A: Yes. This product is architected on the basis of streams and almost anything can be represented as a stream.
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Q: Extensive designer support? What does this mean?
A: We provide extensive support to help you design, develop, and debug quicker and easier than ever before. For example, we provide full Help 2.0 documentation (including tutorials) which integrates directly into Visual Studio .NET.
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Q: How do I add the Normal Style to the Font Formatting List drop-down?
A: All lists in PowerWEB TextBox for .NET are extensible (or you can just replace them with your own). In this case, follow these steps to extend the list to include normal.

1. Go to the Property Window and click the FontFormattingList property.
2.You will see and Edit List Editor appear containing a list of the current Font Formats. On the next line, add the following value to the list: “Normal”,”<p> ”

You should now have a Normal option available.
Version 1.1 will have the Normal Style included by default.
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Q: I am trying to use this product with Delphi 8 and when I compile my web application, I get a File Not Found error? How do I fix this?
A: There appears to be a problem with Delphi 8 Web applications and the way its handling the .NET licences.licx file that stores the list of licensed 3rd party components. Below you will find the steps to duplicate this problem and correct it:

Steps to recreate problem:

  • 1) Download a trial version of PowerWEB TextBox for ASP.NET 
  • 2) Run the setup and make sure that "Create IIS Virtual Directories" is checked
  • 3) Make a new ASP.NET project called BorlandTB
  • 4) Insert a Dart.PowerWeb.TextBox.HtmlBox control onto WebForm1
  • 5) Line 17 of BorlandTB.bdsproj will contain an incorrect reference to the compiled license dll. If you manually set this to: {$R 'bin\BorlandTB.dll.licenses' 'licenses.licx'} It will work

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Q: I am trying your "Configurator (Property Builder)" sample and the "Web Content Manager" sample and they crash when using Mozilla or Netscape. Why is this happening?
A: There is currently an open issue with both samples when using Netscape or Mozilla in version 2.0. The problem is reproduced by these steps:

1)Browse from the main sample page to one of the samples 2)Browse back to the main sample page by clicking the "Go to menu" link 3)Browse to either sample and Netscape or Mozilla will crash.

To view the samples without crashing avoid the scenario above. This problem looks to be the result of a bug in the Mozilla engine and will be addressed in Mozilla 1.7.
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Q: I am using Delphi 8 for .NET and I can't seem to run any application without a licensing error?
A: The initial release of Delphi 8 did not properly support 3rd party component licensing in ASP.NET. Please download the latest update from Borland that will address this issue.
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Q: I am using Web Matrix and when I dragged the Web control onto the Designer all the graphics on the HtmlBox are represented as "X". Why is this happening and how do I fix it?
A: By default, the Web control points to directories for images and scripts that are virtual and expects them to be found in an IIS Virtual Directory. Web Matrix does can't pick up those directories. If you run your Web application in IIS mode, the graphics will appear, but to get them to appear in the Designer, you will have to set the ImagesDirectory and ScripsDirectory to the absolute directory. You can look at our Web Matrix sample to see our approach.
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Q: I get an error about "insufficient privileges" near the end of the product installation. If I hit "Try again" I get the same message. All I can do is cancel the installation. What is going on?
A: This can happen when we try to create the IIS Virtual Directories that we need. Next time, try running "iisreset" from the command prompt and then press "Try Again". If you keep getting the error uncheck the check box concerning the Virtual Directory creation and try again.
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Q: I just upgraded to the latest version of PowerTCP XXX for .NET, now my Delphi 8 app does not compile. I get an error about a manifest declaration.
A: Delphi caches information about the component when you insert it. Close Delphi and delete any* files that exist, then reopen and rebuild the project.
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Q: I put code in my app so that I call Object.Abort in my Form_Closing event but the application process never goes away. How do I do it so that the application disappears from the Task Manager?

Since the component operation is running on it's own thread, it's important to keep the owner thread around long enough for the worker thread to terminate. Here is what we recommend:

1) On the main form, declare two variables:

Dim Working As Boolean = False
Dim Killing As Boolean = False

2) In the Form_Closing, put the following code:

If Working Then
    If (MessageBox.Show(Me, "Do you wish to abort the operation?", APP_NAME, 
    MessageBoxButtons.YesNo, MessageBoxIcon.Question) = DialogResult.Yes) Then
        Killing = True
        Object.Abort()  'This would be the instance of the component -ex: Archive1.Abort()
    End If
    e.Cancel = True
End If

3) Prior to calling the component operation, set Working to True

4) After the component operation is complete add the following code:

Working = false
If Killing then Me.Close()


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Q: I am using Dart.PowerWEB.TextBox.dll version 1.0.1 and developing on Windows 2003 server. Whenever I use the Property Builder or Property Window and try to change a directory using the Directory Brows

This is a known issue in version 1.0 and 1.0.1. Security changes Microsoft made to Windows 2003 Server created a problem with our interactive directory browser and directory code. The workaround is to manually type in the directory you wish to use in the input area of the Property Window or Builder. Plus, you can always use Code-Behind. This problem will be addressed in the next revision of the product and only impacts those that are using Windows 2003 Server for development as well as deployment. This does not occur in other versions of the Windows operating system and does not impact deployment on Windows 2003 Server

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Q: When I run the samples, VS.NET asks me for a default start page. Which one should I use?
A: Default.aspx is the index for the samples and should be the start page. While the Web project in IIS already has that marked, the IDE needs to be notified that Default.aspx is the start page when you are debugging.
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Q: Is the free trial a 'full version'?
A: Yes. Your trial download is identical to the purchased product. The only difference is the trial download will only work for 30 days (in the case of ActiveX products) or will work for 7 days between each rebuild (for .NET products).
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Q: My IIS Server uses the .NET Framework 1.0 and the samples keep giving me an error about "ValidateRequest." What does this mean and how do I fix it?
A: The samples were created to use .NET Framework 1.1 when running on an IIS Server. The 1.1 ASPX pages require that the Page Directive "ValidateRequest=false" be set in the code. The 1.0 Framework does not understand this setting. To remedy this, remove the words "ValidateRequest=false" wherever they appear in the code.
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Q: Why do I see an 'Attempting to deserialize an empty stream' exception when I build my VS.NET 2008 Website?
A: Websites create an App_Licenses.dll for component licensing which must be distributed with the application.  Due to an apparent VS.NET 2008 bug, this dll is faulty when created during compilation on a 64 bit Operating System.  To work-around the problem, the App_Licenses dll in the 2008 Website can be replaced. 

Options include:
a) Compile a 2005 WebSite on the same (licensed) machine using the same controls/components
b) Compile a 2005 or 2008 WebSite on a 32 bit OS machine, provided this machine is also licensed (Dart Developer licenses allow installation on up to two machines)

Replace the faulty App_Licenses.dll with the resulting dll from one of the options above, and the Website should build and deploy without issue.  Do not delete the new dll, or VS.NET will again create a new faulty one in its place.

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