Ajax-enabled interactive image viewer provides in-place pan, zoom, and dynamic loading of high resolution images. Display large images on demand without writing JavaScript or using plugins! 
Features available in Zoom:
  • Compatibility with ASP.NET 1.x and 2.0
  • Cross-browser support
  • Interactive image panning and zooming
  • Intuitive interface and on-screen tools such as a Zoom Slider, Compass Navigator, Magnifier and Thumbnail
  • Configurable keyboard shortcuts for all controls
  • On-demand delivery of image data
  • On-demand image scaling and rendering
  • Configurable render quality modes
  • Interoperability with all other PowerWEB products for producing richer user experience
  • Server object and event model
  • Client-side API for additional integration and customization
This unique ASP.NET server control is ideal for:
  • Product catalogs
  • Real-estate showcases
  • Commercial photo albums
  • Asset management
  • Medical imaging
  • Mapping and satellite imagery