Construct high quality server and custom server proxy applications using FTP, DNS, and TCP protocols.


  • 16 Controls/Objects.
  • 9 Full Sample projects.
  • Debug Server for debugging and protocol testing.
  • Full MS Help 1.3 Documentation, including examples.
  • Free Introductory Support.
Component Description
FtpServer Control Use to build into your application a fully-functioning standalone or custom FTP server.
Dns Control Use to access Domain Name Servers.
DnsServer Control Use to respond to Domain Name Server requests.
Server Control Use the Server Control to quickly build custom server applications.
Service Control Use to make your application into an NT Service.
TCP Control Use the TCP Control to manage streams of data.
Children Object The Children Object provides a collection of TCP objects that have been dynamically created.
DartStream Object Use the DartStream Object to manage a streamed buffer to/from memory or a file.
DnsRequest Object The DnsRequest Object is used in the DnsServer Control events to provide access to request details found in the incoming (from the DNS client) datagram.
FtpVariable Object Use the FtpVariable Object to store and manage variables.
FtpVariables Object Collection of FtpVariable Objects.
Request Object Use the Request Object to obtain information about the current request.
Response Object Use the Response Object to manage information sent back to the client.
Session Object Use the Session Object to manage information describing a client session.
Sessions Object Use the Sessions Object to manage multiple Session Objects.
User Object Use the User Object to obtain information about the current user and to indicate that a client has been authenticated.