Replace the HTML TextArea element with an Ajax-enabled HTML-editing textbox.

TextBox for ASP.NET End-User Features

  • Both HTML WYSIWYG and HTML source editing modes
  • Cut, Copy, and Paste - just like a word processor
  • Intelligent HTML table editing with context menu configuration
  • Insert Flash movies and Windows Media files 
  • Full image support - upload, preview, configure and place
  • Filter types of files that can be uploaded
  • Preview content as it would appear in the browser
  • Special characters and symbols easily available with a toolbar button
  • Paste Microsoft Word-formatted rich text into the editor
  • Contents rendered as HTML and XHTML
  • Zoom in and out to facilitate editing
  • Supports absolute positioning, including Z-Index
  • Position objects around the text area without worrying about traditional HTML layout limitations
  • Supports IE 6.0+ and Mozilla 1.3+ (Firefox, Netscape) for both PC and Mac