Add advanced web (HTTP/S) communications from either a client application or another Web Server.

Included With Web Enterprise for ActiveX


Component Description
WebAsp Control Wininet-independent server-safe HTTP/HTTPS control.
Http Control WinInet-dependent HTTP/HTTPS control.
WebPage Object A powerful HTML parser, searcher, and resource collector.
  • Web and Http drag and drop controls deliver HTTP/S transport functionality to your application
  • WebPage object provides sophisticated web page parsing, including page resources and tables
  • Many additional objects for handling SSL certificates, cookies, posted variables and more
  • DartStream object for streaming data to and from a file
  • Convenient DartStrings collection for working with string lists
  • Sample projects for VB6, VC++, C# and more
  • Debug Server application for debugging and protocol testing
  • Comprehensive stand-alone MS Help and online documentation
  • Free email support during subscription period