TCP, UDP, Daemon, DNS, Ping and RAS controls for Internet application development.

Ras ActiveX Control

Use the Ras control to integrate dial-up functionality to a Remote Access Server into your application. Features include:

  • If the user of your application is not directly connected to the Internet, you can use the RAS control to provide the same automatic dial-up features that are available in Internet Explorer and Outlook Express.
  • Provides an object model for phonebook access, methods for establishing and closing dialup connections, and functionality for RAS phonebook management.
  • A combo box is provided as a visual interface to the RAS phonebook for configuration purposes.
  • Can be invisible or visible, simplifying user configuration.


Development Environments

  • Visual Studio .NET (.NET Framework)
  • Visual Basic (VB)
  • Visual C++ (VC++)
  • FoxPro
  • PowerBuilder
  • Delphi
  • C++ Builder
  • ASP
  • Office 97/2000




Public Properties
BackColor Returns or sets the background color of the control.
Blocked A True value indicates the control is currently executing a blocking method (Timeout is greater than 0), which has neither completed nor timed out with a ptTimeout error.
Enabled Determines if the control can respond to mouse and keyboard input. The default value is True.
Font Font used by the control. The default font is the ambient font set in the container.
ForeColor Foreground color for the control (text color within the combo box).
Handle Handle for the RAS connection.
PhoneBook Holds a complete RAS phonebook as a PhoneBookEntries Object.
State Provides status information to the user interface. The State event fires to signal that this property has changed.
Timeout Controls the blocking behavior of methods that can be used in blocking and non-blocking ways.
Visible Determines whether the control is visible.
Public Methods
Abort Abort any blocking method and release all system resources.
About Show the About Box.
Close Terminate the RAS connection and release all system resources.
Connect Establish a remote access connection to a remote communications server without using a RAS phonebook entry. The RAS system uses the first available connection device. Use the ConnectEntry method to establish a connection using a RAS phonebook entry.
ConnectEntry Establish a RAS connection to a remote communications server by naming a phonebook entry. Specify the Name of the loaded PhoneBookEntry Object you want to dial. All required parameters are fetched from the phonebook entry. Use the Connect method to establish a connection without the phonebook.
Public Events
Error Fires when the RAS Control encounters an error.
State Fires when the State property has changed.

Code Example

How easy is the RAS ActiveX component to use? Check out the following RAS VB example below, which demonstrates establishing a RAS connection.

' give RAS up to 60 secs to dial out and make connection
Ras1.Timeout = 60000

' connect without using a phonebook entry
Ras1.Connect "555-9595", "johndoe", "pleaseconnect"

' can now connect via a TCP connection