Ajax-enabled interactive image viewer provides in-place pan, zoom, and dynamic loading of high resolution images. Display large images on demand without writing JavaScript or using plugins! 

Test-drive Zoom for ASP.NET with the following Live Demos:


Zoom Shop Sample Zoom Shop
Zoom is used to display products as they would appear in an online storefront. This sample demonstrates how a single control can be re-used on an ASP.NET WebForm and generate image data on-demand.
Zoom Configurator Sample Zoom Configurator
Interactively set many of the Zoom's properties at runtime. The sample demonstrates how the control can be configured or optimized for the particular image for the best quality and performance.
Zoom Points of Interest Sample Points of Interest
Demonstrates how a developer can capture specific locations within an image to be recalled at a later date. This functionality is very useful for producing interactive tours or pointing out particular features of a photograph.