Ajax-enabled interactive image viewer provides in-place pan, zoom, and dynamic loading of high resolution images. Display large images on demand without writing JavaScript or using plugins! 
Benefit from your existing ASP.NET development expertise
A comprehensive server-side object model and client script API is provided with full ASP.NET rapid application development support.
PowerWEB Zoom allows ASP.NET developers to deliver complex interactivity without requiring any new skills. Because Zoom is an ASP.NET server control, it can be configured and integrated into applications using any valid .NET language, including C# and VB.NET. Zoom’s server-side object model offers programmatic manipulation of:
  • Control style and visibility
  • Physical dimensions
  • Source image swapping
  • Image pan and zoom location for dynamic walkthroughs
  • Server events
Additionally, Zoom provides a client script API which includes functions for:
  • Integration with other Ajax controls and libraries
  • Automation of pan and zoom activities